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Mel Redddick
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Mel Reddick is an entertainment and sports attorney based out of New York, NY. His background as both a sports litigator and athlete has led him to the world of sports blogging. Here are three separate compositions submitted for the design of his sports blog, Mel’s Corner. We designed each version of the site to facilitate a WordPress blog, but also took steps to ensure that the final product did not come across as template based. Red and white were incorporated into two of the comps to represent the client’s alma mater, The University of Wisconsin. A third comp references the client’s experience as an attorney for Don King with the image of a boxing bell being struck by a gavel.

Often, a final product is an amalgam of client preferences. Thus, each version of the site offers a distinctive tone for the client to choose or borrow from. This is typically how the client relationship at Riot Structure dictates the creative direction. Client involvement in the creative process always makes for a fun experience and this project is no exception.

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