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Donna Loren

Legendary singer and beach party film star Donna Loren was looking for a site design that married retro fun with contemporary chic. Our challenge was to bridge her familiar past with her new direction. We've provided her with a modern, modular home page that acts as a one-stop hub for an extensive amount of content, media, and social networking links. Donna’s vast discography is showcased in one-of-a-kind fashion with each release represented through photography and detailed descriptions. Her pre-exisiting blog has been repurposed to fit her updated design using matched colors and themes. Thus, we were able to give Donna's blog a fresh makeover without losing content from her old site that fans had grown to love.

We feel that this particular website stands out among similar sites in terms of overall aesthetic and functionality for visitors. There are few websites from comparable artists that offer such an array of content for an eager fan base.

Atomic Pop Monkey assisted with the site build.


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