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There’s nothing better than making ideas reality, and we’re lucky to have collaborated with some truly brilliant clients on some great ideas. Whether we’re doing the layout for a new record, creating key art for an independent film, or simply designing a business card, we offer the same high standard of care and attention for each of our very unique clients.

Riot Structure provides resourceful design and creative solutions for an array of client needs:

Print Design & Layout
Website Design & Development
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Case Studies
Hit So Hard
California Fade



Case Study - Hit So Hard
The Life & Near Death Story
of Patty Schemel

We met Christina Soletti (producer) and Patty Schemel (former drummer for Hole) through mutual friends. Christina filled us in on the documentary being made about Patty and offered us a chance to see a rough cut. After seeing the film, we were brimming with ideas for a poster and immediately scheduled a photo shoot.

Work on the poster led to a meeting with P. David Ebersole (director, editor) and Todd Hughes (producer, writer). We really hit it off with everyone and soon we were doing the film’s web site and title treatments in addition to the one-sheet poster.

Of the all the work we’ve done, the Hit So Hard key art is one of the projects we’re most proud of. There’s really nothing better than making art for people you admire and care for. Hit So Hard is a perfect example of what we do and why we do it.

We created a series of four sketches for the Hit So Hard poster concept and shot photos to support all four ideas. We were quite pleased with our first attempt at the one-sheet, but the overall consensus was that it didn’t quite capture Patty’s vibe.

After discussing the direction with Christina, David, and Todd, we came up with something all together more fitting with a classic biopic feel. The result of that collaboration is the finished product.

Patty’s extended arm with the falling drumsticks comes from our photo shoot. The other photos are from Patty’s collection. The duct tape and magenta color scheme was inspired by musician Larry Schemel’s (Patty’s brother) collection of flyers from the various shows that Patty and Larry played at and attended.

The sum of all the parts is a punk influenced poster that’s not overly on the nose.

Elements from the poster became the key art for the film. Variations of the digital poster were made at different sizes for social networking and digital media purposes.

The title treatment from the poster carried over into the title cards for the film and became the website banner for pattydoc.com. We designed all of the elements for the site and collaborated with Jon Krop at Atomic Pop Monkey on the build. We’re quite proud of the site look and the expandable background that features a photo of Patty with the “arm” photo from our shoot with her. www.pattydoc.com